Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Story of Eve

Her real name is Eve, but I call her Evie, or Evie Bean. She was born feral to an unknown mother and was caught in a have-a-heart trap by one of our clients on Christmas Eve in 1998 - hence her name. Her brother was caught on Christmas Day and he was called Noel. The third could not be caught tho was often seen by the client and subsequently named Dasher.We put an ad in the local paper and found homes for both kittens. Not long after Eve was placed she came back to us because the husband turned out to be allergic and I ended up taking her home. According to my son she was quite the sketchball but now, 11 years later, she's a fairly normal cat; goes in and out, catches birds (I do try to save those I can), comes when called, and talks a lot. Most nights she sleeps curled up next me and I drift off the sound of her purr.

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