Wednesday, April 14, 2010

cut slash and burn (again)

I have spoken briefly before on this subject, after a stupid post which I then mostly deleted. And having spent some time in the last two weeks doing a great deal more of just that, I thought I would mention it again.

If you are one of my followers or just someone who reads this blog, you may have occasionally noticed that a post you read previously does not look the same, or, it may be missing altogether. That's because it's been revised or I've decided I don't like what I had to say and deleted the post entirely. We writers can be moody things, one day thinking we've written the most brilliant thing on the planet and the next realizing what garbage it was. But after a while we're left with what's good, and occasionally, what's great. Hence the value of cutting, slashing and burning.

Today, in honor of the process, I will be doing some revision on this blog of mine. I have query letters that need to be added to my static pages so that the agent that looks in can see what my story is about, and I have prologues and 1st chapters that have been revised since their original posting - thanks to some very helpful crit partners, namely, Travis, Kyle, Sheri and Sherry. So if you are one of my faithful readers don't be alarmed, I'm just doing what all good writers do: cut slash and burn.


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