Wednesday, May 26, 2010

word verification - a game

Lately I've been coming across these interesting  'word verifications,' you know, the words you have to spell out to comment on blogs and such. And it occured to me they would make a great game, like the dictionary game where you have to make up definitions for strange words that actually do exist. But in this case I'm making up a definition for a word that doesn't.

Here's one I came across this morning: fresse. And here's my teaser paragraph using that word:

Jordan walked into the room, or what was left of it. Directly ahead of him, spray painted from corner to corner, was a fresse detailing the motive. It was exactly like every other one they’d seen that morning; black and red spraypainted on so thick it dripped down the wall to pool along the baseboard.

If you want to play - and exercise your imagination a little - make up your own teaser sentence/paragraph using the word fresse.


  1. Great idea, Marcy. Those 'verifications' always get me.

  2. I was thinking about posting regarding verifications too. They strike me similarly. They seem to be real words.

    She added a dash of fresse and the dish was minimally tart but strangely green.

  3. Hey, I have an award for you...stop on by!



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