Thursday, December 9, 2010


So, it’s taken me this long to finally organize my revisions for Grimoire onto two 3 x 5 cards, a total of 21 things I need to add before I can consider the tale 'complete.' Then it’s back to Dianne for another read through, see if it’s wrapped tighter, prettier.

Among the items to add are these:

· introduce Joselyn, Leda, and Charity (Arlen’s servants)
· add a little luck before the unfortunate event
· explain the history behind the curse on the Howards
· show the various talents that certain people possess, like Darcy’s ability to feel the emotions of others
· have Vathek (Arlen’s imp) tell her the story of Grace, Lettie, and Yvette’s relationship
· describe in greater detail the ceremony at the end
· send Cato home? (I’m still not sure about this one)

I'd tell you all 21 but there'd be some spoilers so you'll just have to believe me when I tell you I've got some work ahead of me. I am glad I made myself a little list so I can check off each item as I accomplish it. I think it will help me feel like I’m making progress, which is a lot harder now that I’ve finished the first draft. I just have to keep telling myself it’s all going to be worth it in the end. Right? Right.

How do you get through revisions? Do you have a system or do you just wing it?


  1. Wow. I'm so impressed by your system. Seriously. I consider myself a very organized person, but geez, I don't do anything like this. Maybe I don't write anything so complicated. I mean, sometimes I'll write down plot points or some such to know where I'm going, but that's pretty much it. This sounds like a fascinating read and I can tell from your posts that you are really excited about it. I think it's awesome that your passion and tenacity are seeing you through the challenging times in this literary journey. I hope you have a great weekend, keep warm and get some more writing done. Blessings, Buffy

  2. Can't wait to read the revised version! I miss Arlen and Adrian!

    My system:
    1. Whine and moan and chew my lips and bite off my fingernails, convinced that I've made a mess of the whole plot and the entire story is dreck.

    2. Have a startling revelation about a change that will tie several loose ends together -- something so simple, I think I must have known it subconsciously all along.

    3. Chortle happily while writing until I hit the next snag.

    4. Return to step 1.

  3. First, I find my Wonder Woman mug and fill it with something warm. Then I turn on my writing lamp and open the laptop. Lately, I've been wearing the Wimpy Kid hat, as well. Then I sit butt in chair and dig in.

    I work off a hard copy and a screen copy, making notes as I go on the page.

    But, when I get to a scene that will require major work, and if I can't do it that day, I highlight it in yellow on screen. I call those yellow scenes and I usually know how many need done, at any given time.

    From there, I chip away until I know it's done. Until it clicks. It's like a giant puzzle, and I rather enjoy that.

  4. Buffy, not sure if I'd call 3x5 cards an impressive system but it works!And thanks for your encouragement :)

    Dianne, you forgot the ever so important refreshments brought to you my your hubs :)

    happy, what is a writing lamp? envious of the wonder woman mug!

  5. Tim bought me a lamp for my writing desk. It casts just enough light to cover my laptop and desk area. He got it at Office Max. I love it for writing.


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