Thursday, December 30, 2010

speaking of zombies...

Here are my faves:

1. Night of the Living Dead – the original, which is a must see for any zombie fan.

2. Return of the Living Dead – this was just plain fun.

3. Dawn of the Dead – (w/Ving Rhames) the scene on the rooftop is priceless.

4. 28 Days Later – my personal favorite and yes, I own it.

5. Shaun of Dead – zombies with comedy – although really, when aren’t zombies fun?

6. Resident Evil – not really a zombie movie, per se, but let’s face it, whatever virus the Umbrella Corp unleashed pretty much turned everyone into what could only be classified as zombies.

7. Resident Evil: Apocalypse – more fun with Mila and zombies.

8. Resident Evil: Extinction – ditto, but in Las Vegas.

9. Dead Alive – Peter Jackson’s first film, I believe. Bloody.

10. The Evil Dead – Bruce Campbell stars in this campy zombie film. Even better? There's a sequel :)

And now for your trivia question…what current television show does Bruce Campbell co-star in? If you can answer correctly, I will send you one of my bookmarks to hold your place in your favorite book :)


  1. I'm usually not a zombie fan, or even a fan of horror, but I did like the original Night of the Living Dead and Resident Evil. The first Nightmare on Elm Street, while not a zombie movie, was pretty darn scary, too......

  2. I concur, wc, on all counts.

  3. I believe I have seen them all --except I'm not sure about Dead Alive, I'll have to look that one up. I think Evil Dead 2 is one of my husband's absolute favorites.

    I really like 28 days Later too! In fact, I'd like to see it again. Wish you were close by so I could borrow yours! :)

  4. I think I watched them. I liked Resident Evil. I kinda like bad girls kicking ass. LOL.

  5. now we are talking, zombies rule... i know cause i am one.
    jeremy [iZombie]

  6. I've seen all of them (and the Crazies). I do admit to liking a good zombie tale. :)

  7. You didn't mention Zombieland. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.


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