Friday, January 14, 2011


a reminder of summer

Meanwhile, I'm a tiny bit sad because I finished my books. I read the last of The City & The City Wednesday night before bed and finished Matched over dinner last night. I loved them both. However, they are vastly different books. The first is foremost a murder mystery but it gets wierd when you discover that there are two cities occupying the same space and everyone is trained to 'unsee' anything in the other city. And if, for example, one was to notice something in the other city and did not unsee it but instead actually touched it, well, that would be 'breach,' and one does NOT want to invoke breach. I loved the way Mievile used words we all know and twisted them just a little. I loved that he made me think and pay attention to his words, savor them. I can't remember the last time I read anything so intently.

As for Matched, a dystopian YA, I fell in love slowly, but only due to the subtle beauty of the story and the way it is told, from Cassia's perspective. When the tale begins she is about to attend her matching banquet where she will find out who has been chosen for her mate - who she has been matched with. Because in this society, you have no choice. Everything is determined according to statistics and best outcome. Your work will be what you're good at. Your meals are delivered according to your needs. No one hardly ever has cake. The only bad thing about this book? It's the first of three and book two doesn't come out til November.

Next on my short list:


what else should I be reading?


  1. This first book you mentioned sounds really interesting! And to feel sad when you finish a book is one of the best compliments ever to the author.

  2. Oh so pretty!! And makes me desperately wish to soak in the sun, which we have none of!

    I loved Matched. I was fortunate enough to read an ARC half a year ago... but unfortunate enough to read the ARC so long ago that the wait for book two has been VERY annoyingly long!

    I'm about halfway through Incarceron, so Saphique is now at the TOP of my list!

  3. I am totally intrigued by your summary of The City & The City. I'll have to add that to my list.

    I'm just finishing up "before I fall" by Lauren Oliver. It's a YA and I'm really enjoying it. Next up for me, Across the Universe!

  4. I'm still amazed my book is on your list!

  5. I bought my daughter Matched for Christmas. She started reading it last night. She just came upstairs and looked really sad. She said she was taking a break from reading it right was really good, but she had gotten to a very sad spot.

    I can't wait for her to finish, so I get my turn!

  6. KG and Kim, I definitely recommend The City & The City, but be prepared to put your thinking cap on; this is not the sort of book to rush through but rather like those movies where you absolutely have to pay attention - my favorite kind.

    Marisa, wow, you've been waiting way longer than I have!

    Happy, I'll add Wimpy Kid, but only because you've recommended more than a few times so it MUST be good!

    Alex, why are you surprised your book is on my list? I love scifi!
    Sharon, enjoy :)

    and thank you everyone for commenting!

  7. Who me? :-)I'm giggling at the desk. You know, it's not for everyone, I know. But boy, I just love the laughs.

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