Monday, January 10, 2011

My son says my dog is a Larry

And let me say right up front that if your name happens to be Larry, remember, this isn't personal.

Anyway, according to my son a Larry is the name given to those guys you see around town who just don't quite have it together. They're probably still living at their mom's house, if they have a job it's probably minimum wage, they barely made it out of high school, and they're lucky if they have a girlfriend. Larrys are often boneheads.

My son gave my dog this epitaph after he was found with his nose burried in the cat box. It was probably deserved. This is the face of a Larry:

Meanwhile, I am trying NOT to read either of my books too fast. I'm trying to savor every single word. Matched is my downstairs book, which I read while I'm eating and the further in I go the more I like it. The City & The City is my upstairs book, which I read before bed. It is not an easy read. I have to read more slowly than I sometimes do in order to completely get what the author is saying, see the picture he's painting of these two cities occupying the same space. It is very interesting and very intriguing.

So far the first two books of 2011 are turning out to be winners.


  1. I am going to remember that Lary definition!

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm still laughing at your Larry and your son's definition :P

  3. yeah, he's good at coming up with stuff like that. I think he was the one who started calling the cats sketchy.

  4. Larry looks like him!...even if I did laugh!

  5. Ok. I think when I come home you and I are going to have to go book shopping. And you can pick out 10 books for me to read.

    You are an excellent writer AND librarian!


  6. I don't know a Larry, but makes me wonder. LOL.
    Cute Pic

  7. Cute story! He looks like a Larry to me.

  8. Just for the record, my dog's name is Jonah, but he's a total Larry :) Thanks for all your comments!

  9. I'm pretty sure most dogs want to get in litter boxes...

    I love that you have an upstairs and a downstairs book! I do too!

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