Wednesday, February 23, 2011

25 days until spring

and yes, I do know that just because the calendar says march 20 does not mean that warm weather and flowers and blossoms floating over the air will instantly appear. But it will console me knowing winter is officially over so don’t burst my bubble. These last days of winter are very hard for me. If I were a faerie I would definitely be aligned with the Summer Court. In fact, I would choose that fate, given a choice. Hmm… I may have the makings for a tale …

But I digress! Regarding the tale at hand, namesake, I have officially revised chapter seven, incorporating the old with the new. For example, Simone (Arlen’s best friend) still has a run in with Arnoux, but grandmother Alice is going to tell Arlen what’s really going on and Louis is going to start remembering things and getting a bit of his magic (and confidence) back. The hard part will be to keep Alice’s tell to a minimum, maybe a single long riveting passage crammed with historical facts and witchy undertakings. Oh, and I figured out where the epic battle will take place and with who, exactly. It just came to me as I was re-reading a particular passage. Isn’t writing fun?

What are you doing?

ps warmer here today, less wind, and I finished The Magicians. I better get my taxes back this Friday cuz I only have one book left to read before I’ll need something new.


  1. Great picture. Love it. I have the back deck door and window open, and music on. Semi working on the storage room - semi in the lab. Think I might cook up some uncured bacon to use later in a biscuity scone type of creation. Either that, or I'll eat the bacon as I get that freaking room done.

    Much Congrats on revising chapter seven. Go You. Rah.

  2. Writing is definitely fun! Sounds like a great revision.

  3. What am I doing? Marveling how much your chapter seven has going on compared to, oh say, the first seven chapters of my new work.

  4. Sounds like your revising is going really well. Yay!

  5. Had to slap my hand over my eyes because I haven't read this chapter yet.

  6. Yes, writing is fun. Glad you're WIP is coming along.

    It's been snowing here for weeks now. I won't hold my breath on spring. :)

  7. GADS, I can't WAIT! Though I've never seen an April in Michigan with no snow, but at least now it will alternate freezing and not freezing instead of just constant misery.


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