Thursday, March 24, 2011

living my purpose

This fabulous award was given to me by one of my very first followers and my cp for Almost Paradise. She gave me alot of great suggestions and I was thrilled to read her then work in progress, Marked Beauty. And if you have any questions about networking ask her because she's bloody brilliant at it. 'She' is none other than Sheri Larsen of Writer's Ally and she's got a great blog with all kinds of interesting links. You should definitely check her out.

As for this award, it's actually quite appropriate because I feel I'm doing that more now than I ever have before, that is, living my purpose. I can't tell you for sure why I'm here, not with any certainty - maybe it's nature, maybe it's all pre-ordained - but if if I had to guess what my purpose was I'd say to write because it seems to be what I do best. And since I began truly focusing on it things have changed - for the better. I have all of you who read and comment and follow my blog, which is amazingly cool; I have the best crit partners ever, and I've completed two more novels. Who knows what's next? Something good, I think.

Thank you Sheri!!!


  1. What a beautiful award for an even more beautiful person. Very nice. Keep up all the great work. I'm enjoying getting to know you and wish you many more happy days filled with yummy things.

  2. Congrats!
    No one deserves it more

  3. I'm glad you're living your purpose! Congrats on the award.


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