Thursday, April 28, 2011

x is for Xander

Prince Xander of Rhodes is a character in Fairy Tail, slated to marry Phaedra. In this scene they have just met for the first time (they're both about ten years old here):

Phaedra sat next to the Prince, at the far end of the royal table. Matisse was nearby though that was little consolation.

It had taken a good hour for the Prince to recover but by the time he did he was just as unpleasant as he had been before. Nothing was to his liking. The musicians were amateurs, the jester a fool, and those at the tables below them mere peasants, less than human as far as he was concerned.

“Why look at that stupid girl, she can’t even hold the pitcher steady. She’s already spilt half of it on the floor,” Xander said, pointing.

Phaedra looked to where he pointed, seeing Jane, the cook’s daughter, making the rounds with a pitcher of water. She was nervous, afraid of tripping, afraid of what people might say, afraid that she would say something stupid and get herself or her mother into trouble.

“Idiot,” Xander said.

“Perhaps you would do better,” Phaedra said.

He glared at her. “Best keep a civil tongue,” he said, “For one day I will be king and you my queen.”

Phaedra looked to Matisse for help but she only shook her head and Phaedra swallowed her words. She looked down at her plate and saw something at the edge of it, something that hadn’t been there before, something wet, with a sickly greenish tinge.

Xander smiled at her side, wiping his finger on his sleeve.


  1. Haha...I like this scene. "...wiping his fingers..." Hee....

  2. How nice to have a character whose name begins with the letter X!

    Nice scene, though Xander needs a time out in his room. :)

  3. Ew!! Bad prince!!!

    This is a fab scene, I was really into the story! Thank you! take care

  4. I like this scene too. Nice 'x' post.

  5. Great "x" post! And a great scene too :)

  6. I love this. Phaedra is nice and Xander, I must repeat, ew.

    Good idea for x. Would be a hard one!


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