Friday, May 13, 2011

How to write a story (part one) revisited

Originally, when I first posted this (ages ago), I spoke about the beginning and where to start your story. But really, part one is finding that perfect shiny new idea. I'm pretty lucky in that I never lack for ideas. Not only do I have all those I've found in the past and haven't had time to write but I also find brand new ones all the time. Someone said something about princesses the other day and a whole plot came to me in a matter of minutes. And then just yesterday while doing an unpleasant chore relating to cats I thought of another idea that is actually quite unlike me and my usual (first person, no magic!).

But if, perchance, you have trouble finding new ideas here are a few places to look - and if anyone can think of more please speak up!

Conversations overheard
Fairy Tales
History is full of stories and heroes, good vs evil, love, revenge, you name it
NYT Headlines
Magazine Headlines - especially if it's gossipy
Maps of places you've never been to
The Obituaries

Where do you find new ideas?


  1. Hope you didn't lose too much in the Blogger Eats Blogs, mess.

  2. I get great ideas when I do something outside my comforts zone a little (even just watching a movie I would ordinarily never watch or reading about a totally new subject). It helps me think about my old ideas in new ways!

  3. Happy, I was was lucky; everything looks as it should.

    Carrie, I concur!

  4. I find newspapers are great for finding ideas, or just listening to other people talk!

    Ellie Garratt

  5. I find most of my inspiration "people watching"!

    Yay for these other ways too! Take care


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