Saturday, May 7, 2011

the shower epiphany

I'm not sure why this happens but I've seen other posts about it. That strange phenomenom so many of us experience in the shower. What's up with that? Why does the shower precipitate ideas? Is it the water? Is it the enclosing shape, the rythmic sound? Sometimes I wonder if there isn't some similarity between the shower and say, a pyramid? I know. It sounds a little nutty. But if you don't believe me just check this site out:

Anyhow, the other day while in the shower it occured to me I might actually embark upon a plan for my blog. You know, like regular posts. I mean I already have the first impressions thing Dianne and I do the first week of the month. And I could easily do more 'to follow or not to follow' posts as there are tons of bloggers I follow. Not to mention all the other things, like real estate, the movies, how to write a story, authors/books I love, etc. What do you think?

Meanwhile, I've been revising and editing The God Chronicles per the suggestions of my crit partner, Carol. It almost feels like I'm slacking, since I'm not actually writing anything new. But I know this will pay off as I get closer to the part where I left off, late in book 2. Then I can finally rescue Tamsin's captives. They've been stuck there a long time.


  1. The Showers of Epiphany! Man, I'd be lost without my epiphany showers. So much of my books have been worked out while showering. Haha, so funny.

    I love reading blogs that are a glimpse into the writer's life - love knowing what interests others, especially when it's a whole mix of interesting things. But then my blog is a random slew of whatever pops into my head, whether it is interesting or not, haha.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love your blog, Marisa :)

  3. I think it's because a shower is mindless. We know what to do. So instead of questioning if we should wash our hair with shaving soap or shave our legs with a rag, we're on automatic. Leaving our minds open.

    Until recently I had two jobs. The morning job was an automatic manual job. I repeated the same motion over and over until my shift was done. Mindless, yet fruitful grounds for fresh ideas and fiction problem solving.

  4. Dang, The Happy Whisk said what I was going to say: There's not a lot of thought required in 'lather, rinse, repeat'. The first person to market a large whiteboard for writers suitable for use in the shower will make a fortune.

    I enjoy regular blogging-- it's nice to have a spot to empty my brain, and having a regular theme directs my thoughts so I don't end up rambling along for multiple paragraphs that make no sense. So, if you are ready to give it a go, by all means! Good luck and happy blogging! :)

  5. The shower may be the one place I relax and still stay conscious, so maybe that's why it's so good for ideas.

  6. Yes! I have those all the time in the shower. I think it has to do with relaxing your mind. I discovered it will also happen if I go on a long drive and do not turn on the music!

  7. happy, that is an excellent explanation. It's that auto pilot that somehow frees the creative part of our brain.

    sue, thanks for stopping by and I think you're right.

    Shannon and Kim, I definitely agree with you both. Maybe being relaxed allows those creative thoughts to come to the surface more readily.

  8. Setting out a plan for your blog is a great idea.

  9. thanks Bob, I'm definitely starting to like the idea.

  10. I think showers have a meditating quality to them that lets you get into the idea zone. I decided a while ago to have a set blogging schedule, which could be flexible for the odd blogfest, and it really works for me. Hopefully, for my readers too!

    Ellie Garratt


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