Friday, May 20, 2011

speaking of critiquing...

I have two things to say about critiquing. One is that I have found myself much more likely to catch my own mistakes since I started critiquing other people's work. I am no expert on critiquing but the more I do it the better I am able to notice those words that say WRONG or phrases I stumble over, dialogue that doesn't ring true, characters acting out of place, passive voice, lack of description, too much description, word repetition, etc. And making myself notice it in other people's work helps me find those same potholes in my own work.

This brings me to number two. As of today Dianne and I still have one spot left for our June first impressions. If you would like to submit the first page of your manuscript look to your right (top) at the sidebar and see how. It's pretty easy and we promise to be kind and helpful.

I'll leave you with this picture of my new favorite place... 

Encinitas Photos
This photo of Encinitas is courtesy of TripAdvisor


  1. You said it perfectly in the first line. I, too, have learned so much from critiquing. It's an amazing process. Love the photo. :) If you don't have anyone for that last slot, I'll take it. :)

  2. This is part of the reason I love critiquing! I learn right along with the writer.

  3. Yes, I'm with you! Before I critiqued, I thought it was just something I'd do to help out another writer... I was shocked when I critiques my first MS - I didn't realize how it would benefit me as well!

  4. I learn so much with the critiques I get for my work and always ensure I don't commit the same ones in my next piece of work. So yay for constructive critiquing!

    Now that's a lovely pic of a dreamy place!!! Take care

  5. That's why I love critting, too. I've learned so much by having others crit my stuff and getting to crit theirs in return. :D

  6. Yes! And the more I notice on my writing, the more I wonder what else is there to notice?!

  7. Great photo, as always. Love seeing what you shoot. Not much new here today. Just getting ready for the shop. Working most of the weekend but later next week, we start our 10 day holiday staycation.


  8. I hope you're right about critiquing others!

  9. Sheri, Dianne and I would love to crit your first page.

    Sarah, Marisa, Old Kitty, Stina, Tina and E. Arroyao: exactly!

    Happy, not my pic (I wish it was!)and enjoy your staycation. I happen to like a nice peaceful staycation in which I go nowhere and do nothing.

    Alex, trust me, I'm right.


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