Friday, July 22, 2011

the library

I haven't been in a long while - a really long while - but today I paid a visit to my local library. After all, if I want to read (which I do) this is a way to do it for free. Yes. For free. I am fortunate that the library in Damariscotta is free to residents of Newcastle. All I had to do was sign up.

Of course, being me, I did it right before I was supposed to be back at work for the evening shift which gave me absolutely no time to make use of my new card. Sadly, book I wanted to take out - The Count of Monte Cristo - was out and not due back until the 30th and my TBR list was safely home in my little recipe box on my desk; I couldn't remember a single title that was on it.

However, I have it now at my fingertips and the library has a website which allows me to punch in a title, reserve it, or have it borrowed from another library. Is that not cool?

Do you make use of your public library? What are some of  the books on your TBR list?


  1. Public libraries in the UK are free to join (for now!). Unfortunately far too many are threatened with closure - a very unpopular move by the gov't. My local library, although not closing are reducing their opening hours so they won't be open during the times most people who work full time are around!

    But I do use it as often as I am able to! Yay for public libraries!! Oh gosh, I'm still working through my 2010 TBR list. Ahem. Take care

  2. I loved the Library. I grew up in the library. It was my safe haven. I take my kids there at least once a week.

  3. I am, and always have been, a library fanatic. As a kid, I was a card-carrying member of about six different libraries, and made use of them all. When we left MD and moved to GA in '71, the little podunk local library here was so small, it didn't even sort books by the Dewey decimal system ... or alphabetically! I cried. Then joined two book clubs. Now, our local library is fantastic, and I'm one of their best customers.

  4. Your library looks incredible!! Out West we just have these boring new buildings with no character.

  5. I haven't been to our library for a while.

  6. Old Kitty, yay for the UK! My library is free but other towns don't have free libraries so I feel quite fortunate :)

    Elizabeth, that is so great you take your kids there!

    Susan, I may just become one of my libraries best customers since my budget for books has been drastically slashed!

    KG, it IS a good looking library and it took a lot to get it. There was a lot of controversy as it replaced an older historic home lots of folks wanted to keep - including me. In retrospect, I'm glad we have the newer bigger building sad as I was to see the old house torn down.

    Alex, get thee to a library!

  7. Well, I guess I am not being fair cause I am a student so I live in the uni library though to be fair, I don't usually borrow fiction type books. lol.

  8. I'm BIG on using my library! For me and my three sons. And I love the way I can reserve books on line and pick it up when it arrives. Have fun with your shiny new card!


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