Saturday, July 9, 2011


The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (1969 ed. which I bought for a pittance at a bookstore in St. Petersburg, FL) defines versatile as 1. capable of turning competently from task to another 2. having varied uses or serving many functions, and 3. (my favorite) inconstant, or variable; changeable.

Once again I have been given the versatile blogger award - thank you, Su - which challenges me to offer a few hitherto unknown facts about myself and pass the award on to any blogger I deem worthy.

First to the hitherto unknown facts: 1. I have a secret crush on Vinn Diesel (and if you haven't seen Pitch Black I urge you to rent it) 2. When I was a kid I used to check the back of my closet periodically in the hopes that I might find Narnia 3. I am old by the standards of my youth 4. Currently on my desk is a picture I drew of the dais at Angarat, my current word count (which I am trying to reduce drastically), and two pictures of my mc, Lucy, all on 3 x 5 cards 5. I love a good historical romance - like Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers (talk about steamy!!!)

So, if you think you're versatile, by any of the above definitions, I challenge you to take this award and share a few unknown facts about yourself AND tell me, so I can offer a link to your blog. Because we are all writers here, and writers are curious little people who want to know stuff about other people that we can steal and use in our stories.


  1. Congratualations! And Diesel rocked in Pitch Black.

  2. Oh...Where can I get eyes like that. I love pitch black, and, um, him too.

    Congrats on the award

  3. More of a Wolverine girl, myself.

    Happy Weekend :-)

  4. Vinn Diesel?!!? Ok!!! Why not?!?!:-)

    Congratulations with this fab award!!! Take care

  5. That secret crush on Vin?? Aint so secret anymore, is it.

    Congrats on the award!


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