Tuesday, August 23, 2011


From the library... I've calmed down a bit. I only got two books instead of, like, six. The first, Contact, I'm sure you are all familiar with, if not the book then the movie with Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey. I really loved the movie - it's one of my all-time faves - but I heard the book was a hundred times better so I figured I'd better read it and find out for myself.

The second book is a historical thriller about commodities called A Conspiracy of Paper, by David Liss. It sounded interesting on Amazon and my library happens to have a number of his books which means of I like him I can read more.

On the home front...Sunday I cleaned from noon til 5pm. I packed up four (yes four!) bags of books to take to my local library's bookshop, and re-arranged all the spaces so that there are more books where they belong - in bookshelves and bookcases - and less books where they don't - everywhere else. I'm also thinking of having a contest for some of my practically new, read once books. Something fun and creative. What do you think? Would you be interested?


  1. I loved the Jodie Foster film!! I didn't know it was a book too!! Yay!!!

    Wow - you've cleared so much bookspace - good for you!! Of course a giveaway contest is always welcome and fun! Why not!!! Yay again! Take care

  2. Anxious to hear about Conspiracy.
    After 3 years I realized I'm probably not going back to work in the same field so I cleared out my professional library -- Oh the room!
    It felt great to let it all go.

    M Beth Vaughn

  3. I went to Amazon with the idea of "Kindlizing" the book Contact.
    It isn't in Kindle mode.

  4. i love that movie too.
    library is good!
    new to us good idea for prizes too!

  5. Haven't read the book or seen the movie. I'll add the book to the list. If possible, I'd always rather read the book first.

  6. I loved the movie. Knowing that there are inevitably changes from the book to the movie, I actually avoided reading the book because I didn't want to spoil what I felt for the movie.

    I actually just reviewed the movie here and someone asked me if I had read the book:


  7. I am always interested in books! Our library doesn't carry much but they can get most books for me. The problem is they charge $2 a book. I don't think I saw the movie Contact, nor have I read the book.
    I usually have 8 library books at a time so if I don't like one, I have others to read.

  8. Old kitty you will soon get your wish and I will ship across the pond :)

    Giggles, I'll let you know and yes, it does feel good to clear out stuff I haven't looked at - mostly old reference books.

    Tara, like I said, Contact is one of my all time favorite movies and Matthew McConaughey wasn't too bad to look at either :)

    Liza, I'm enjoying the book but it does have lots of science speak.

    Chip, I know what you mean. While reading I can't help but see Jodie Foster's face.

    Linda, your library charges you to read books?! How awful. Mine is free - unless I'm late and even then it's a pittance.


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