Wednesday, August 17, 2011

spiders and why I hate them

I didn't used to hate spiders. I used to have the attitude of live and let live. You guys don't bother me and I won't bother you and we'll all live happily ever after. And for a while it worked. We all lived in the peaceable kingdom.

Until the day one of them crossed the line and crawled into my ear.

I can feel some you shuddering or getting that icky shiver up your back. I feel a little shuddery just writing about it. Because it was awful. I could feel that thing crawling around inside my ear - just like that bug in that Twilight Zone episode that drove that character CRAZY. Worse yet, I couldn't get it out.

I tried shaking my head, you know, like you do when you get water in your ear, hoping the spider would fall out and skitter away. No such luck. I tried taking a shower and letting the water pound into my ear, hoping I might wash the spider out. Still no luck. I thought of using a q-tip but I was afraid of pushing him further down where he might burrow and lay eggs and... *shudder*. Finally I had to go the emergency room to get the little bastard out, which they did using a bulb syringe. Amazingly, it was still alive. I told them to let it go but that was the last time I was nice to a spider.

Now, if I see a spider (inside, mind you, outside spiders are where they belong) it's dead unless my son is around to take it outside. And if it's one of those fast ones, it's definitely dead as fast as I can grab something to smash it with. But the worst thing is those fast ones I miss, the ones that get away. Because then I know they're there, somewhere, crawling around my house, my walls, maybe in my bed, and who knows when one might make it back into my ear.

Do you have any bugs you just hate? Is there a good reason behind your dislike or is it an irrational fear? And does that picture creep you out as much as it does me?


  1. Spiders are one of my favorites. Though I've never eaten a fried tarantula, I hear they are quite tasty.


  2. Oh man--that would knock me totally off spiders too, and I did shiver. My formula for bugs inside is this: the cuter and smaller often are treated to the catch and release policy. Big bugs are DEAD unless they are beautiful (moths I usually catch and put out) and I would probably catch and release... say... a walking stick or a big beetle... But once they pass 6 legs my critieria gets SO MUCH stiffer... Spiders need to be pretty tiny, and centipedes are just plain dead...

  3. I would be sufficiently creeped out by that experience!
    I usually catch and release bugs that get into the house, except for ants and roaches. They are dead!

  4. OMG -- I would be horrified by bugs of all kinds after an experience like that!

    I hate the big fat spiders. I don't know what they're called, but they have a pulpy body and giant legs. I once encountered one in the bathroom of my old apartment. I ran and grabbed my cat and threw her onto the ground in front of the spider, yelling, "Get it, Claudia!"

    She landed with all 4 feet stretched out full length, her hair and tail standing straight up, and then she bolted from the room.

    And the spider laughed at me and scuttled under the sink. Shudder.

  5. Ugh. Oh, you've creeped me out big time. I'm like you. Okay with the outside spiders, not so good with the inside ones. Especially if I find one in the bedroom. Then I imagine them crawling on me while I sleep. *shivers*

    And I hope you post something else SOON, because I'm not enjoying seeing your spider picture on my blog roll. :)

  6. Ewwww, grossgrossgross!! I hate spiders to begin with, and let me say that is one nasty spider photo you posted there. *shudder* And to be in your ear! I would've died. Ick. Um, yeah, I've read where spiders crawl on you while you sleep. *lalala...I can't hear you...***

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  8. ah, excellent. I think I was successful at creeping you all out, eh?* And boy wouldn't I love to tell you it was all a big fat lie, a story I wove - like a web. But it's not. Every word is true.

    happy, as much I don't like spiders, I could never eat one. ew.

    Hart, your policy is pretty much my policy.

    Alex, exactly!

    Dianne, yeah, you'd think with all the damn cats I've got at least one would help out and keep the spider population to a minimum, but no; they're a bunch of LAZY ASS FELINES WHO DON'T EARN THEIR KEEP!!!

    LG, I've got another post all ready for tomorrow so soon that icky spider will be gone. but thanks for making me laugh :)

    Carol, lol but if it makes you feel better it was a spider pic I found, not one I took, thank god!

    *the sign of a good writer :)

  9. Oh my goodness what a story!! I'm so sorry about the spider getting into your ear!! Awwwww I just think it was as frightened of being inside as you were too! Small consolation I know!! Sorry!

    All bugs scare the crap out of me, mind but I'm getting very good at trapping and taking them outside before I rush inside to dry-heave! LOL!

    Take care

  10. I was attracted to your blog by seeing this post on someone's side bar. My last post was on scorpions. Talk about moving fast. I really do not get this recent new age thing about loving even the insects. Well they can have mine anytime. Honestly, I kill them all. That's how freaked out I am with these things. Ha. I must sound like a lunatic. Ah well...

    I would have headed for the emergency room immediately.

  11. Old kitty, I used to trap and release spiders, but they just freak me out too much now.

    Linda, thanks so much for stopping by :) and I think I'll take spiders over scorpions!

  12. I couldn't read the entire post because I had to scroll down to hide the spider.

    Does that answer your question? ;)

  13. I can't do anything...creepy crawly. eek!

  14. Eeew. Eeeew. Eeeeeeew. I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

  15. This horrifies me! I'm not a fan of ants...and the idea of getting one in my ear has me thinking about ear plugs now!

  16. QE; charlotte lived outside - where spiders belong. she would've been perfectly safe from yours truly, the serial spider killer.


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