Friday, October 28, 2011

I was thinking...

about Sunday dinner. And The Walking Dead.

I know. It's only Friday. But I was thinking about how much my son and I are enjoying The Walking Dead (even though NOTHING was resolved last week), which made me think how nice it was to end the weekend this way, with a show we both love. It makes Sunday much more pleasant.

Then I thought about how I used to spend Sundays as a kid, back in the olden days when families still had dinner together and the mom actually cooked it, from scratch. My mom used to make the best pot roast with gravy to die for. Afterward, assuming we'd behaved ourselves at the dinner table, we could watch the Sunday Night Disney movie. Unlike kids today, our television viewing habits were strictly monitored and limited (which is why I was such an avid reader - a trait I thank my parents for) so watching was a real treat. One of my favorites was about a cat names Tabitha.

A far cry from The Walking Dead, eh?


  1. I love that picture, Marcy!!

    I don't watch the Walking Dead. Why should I? I hear about it everywhere. Hmm....

  2. I remember Sunday nights (my mum also cooked from scratch and my dad made awesome gravy) when we would also watch the Disney movie. Good times.

  3. I've never heard of the Walking Dead. I lived in England until I was 11 years old. There wasn't much on TV for kids. Nothing like now.

  4. I need to get caught up from last Sunday. (DVRs are a wonderful thing.) And as soon as you said Sunday evenings as a kid, I thought about those Disney family movies.

  5. It's lovely that you and your family enjoy Sundays together! Take care

  6. Times have changed, quite a bit. But it's nice to have a Sunday evening together. Maybe no pot roast and gravy from scratch, but time spent together is time well spent indeed.

  7. Sheri, characters to care about and zombies. what more could you want :)

    Clarissa, ah those were the days...when someone cooked for us!

    Stina, The Walking Dead is a new show on AMC - not for kids really, at least, not for little ones.

    Alex, enjoy :)

    Old Kitty, thank you!

    Angela, it is indeed, thanks :)

  8. My daughter really wants me to watch the Walking Dead, and I am willing. I just want to start at the beginning and haven't yet tracked down the first season online. I was a latch key kid and watched a TON of TV, but those Sunday Disney movies were still a highlight.

  9. Oh! I think I need to catch up on Walking Dead! Have they aired the second episode? the first one was good and liked the surprise ending!

  10. Hi. This is food for thought (pardon the pun.) Isn't it scary to think there may be a generation growing up now who've not enjoyed these Sunday lunches with 'real' food.



  11. Yep, I don't think the two things could get any farther apart. I'm loving The Walking Dead and can't wait for more. Time have changed...

  12. Hart, I watched season one on netflix but you might be able to watch it on hulu.

    Danette, yes, it aired last sunday. episode 3 is tomorrow night. I was floored by episode 1 ending!

    L'Aussie, I know. I feel sorry for kids today in many ways - but not all!

    Pat, me too and oh boy have times changed!


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