Saturday, October 22, 2011

my desk

what's on your desk?


  1. First of all, I love your header with the pumpkins!

    I don't have a desk. I guess the couch is my desk, and right now I'm the only thing on it :)

  2. A verbal snapshot: I surrounded by towering piles of writing books, novels and anthologies; a semi-circular wall of sorts. Spiral-bound notebooks, new & used notecards and lose paper to the left of my purple laptop. A container of paper clips, binder clips, scissors, sticky tabs and pens & pencils sits behind my laptop. A magazine rack holds all my Writer's Digests and Poets & Writers and any notes-to-self to my write. Inspirational quotes scattered everywhere to keep me writing. And the Portable MFA helps prop up my laptop.

  3. I usually keep it clear, as there's not a lot of desk top, but it looks a lot like yours at the moment.

  4. Papers! Printouts! Books! Pens! Post-its! Old cups and saucers! A webcam slowly collapsing passing from the crack to the floor! At present: a spoon! A Philips portable shaver! Tipp-Ex!

  5. Nice desk snapshot. :) Mine is FAIRLY clean, minus scraps of paper with notes on them. Then: pens, lotion, Kleenex box, little stuffed cow, chapstick, and a box of printer ink I haven't gotten around to installing. ;o)

  6. I considered posting a photo of my desk on my blog a few weeks ago, but I concluded I'd be too embarrassed.

    My step-dad always had a note on his desk at work: "A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind."

    I've always believed that, but somehow it doesn't make me feel any better. :D

  7. Router, calculator, headphones, random scraps of paper . . .

    I love your new header! :)

  8. Felt, trim, cord, notes, laptop, pen, pencil, coffee cup and coaster....Fun post. I might steal it sometime...

  9. Old Kitty, you know I love Charlie :)

    Jess, thanks! I love my desk - even if it gets a bit crowded.

    Laura, I have a lot of those things, too, just not visible. Among my most used: An old American Heritage Dictionary.

    Alex, see Jon Paul's post :)

    MJ, I wish I had a webcam!

    Carol, I have burts bees in the desk drawer :)

    Jon, I had a clean desk a while back; it was while my computer was in the shop.

    Golden Eagle, thanks :)

    Sharon; please do! I steal posts all the time :)

  10. A pile of writings, bills and who knows what else. It seems like the writings are getting buried under everything else.


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