Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I’m giving myself permission

 courtesy of Publish or Perish

So, some of you have heard me mention my new toy, which I’ve been outlining and plotting and making lists and asking questions of my characters. And it’s been interesting doing things this way rather than just jumping in and swimming toward some intriguing half-seen island in the fog. But now that I actually have a whole chapter written I find myself wanting to spend a little more time with it.

See, I was trying to spend more time revising THE WAY TO DENDARA because I’d really like to get it in shape to query in January/February. But now I’m feeling that pull between the two and rather than fight with myself I’ve to decided to allow myself (and yes, I'm one of those people that has to establish rules guidelines for herself) to work on whichever one I want. Either way I’m writing.

Anyway, the new toy is called LONG WAY HOME and it was inspired by the picture above.When I first saw it I thought, what if someone fell from there?

What are you working on? Care to share?


  1. It's always an amazing feeling to be immersed in a new project, though I totally understand the potential guilt that comes from taking a break from something else! I'm currently racing to finish a project, and feeling a bit intimidated by it. I'll muddle my way through somehow, though. Good luck with your new WIP!

  2. I think that's awesome. I'm hoping to do the same early next year when I get ready to query too. I just started a new project and wrote a whole page. I'm going back to it in a few minutes.

  3. Love the picture. And I think that's a great idea about working on which ever you feel like working on at the time. That's what I do. I've been planning one novel while taking breaks from my WIP. Now I'm querying my WIP and getting closer to writing the first draft of my new project.

  4. My new toy is called Lighting Candles in the Snow and I'm so excited about it because it's different from what I've done before. Same genre, just different tone, I guess you'd say. It's time to do the final revisions where I go in and make the writing sparkle-- my favorite part of writing, so that's why it qualifies as fun.

  5. I am 60K into a first draft of a project I am enjoying. But in the back of my mind, I'm wondering if, when I am through draft one, I should take a look at a project I shelved a year ago.

  6. I'm still WIPing "Hot Flashes and Cold Lemonade." Or at least, I SHOULD be. I'm spending so much time researching and writing blog posts, and commenting on other blogs, my poor WIP is being sorely neglected. Guess I'm gonna have to have a serious talk with myself, eh?

  7. Well done you!! Yay for your lovely pictorial inspiration! Good luck with your writing! Take care

  8. "Either way I’m writing." That's the stuff! I've got four more short stories to finish up Write1Sub1 2011, then it'll be back to my novel projects; they've been feeling neglected this year.

  9. Yay for you. As long as you're writing and it makes you happy, work on what you want.

    And, um, am I the only one who saw a giant Tiki head in the picture above? Probably. :/

  10. NICE!!! Sometimes you just gotta go with it! I've worked on two at same time before too! Good luck!

  11. It IS a coincidence that we blogged on the same topic today!

    (We didn't plan it, everybody! Honestly!)

    I am revising some manuscripts I truly, truly love and getting up the nerve to share with my agent. Meanwhile, I've got 2 chapters in a new WIP ...

  12. Good for you. Why add more stress. Happy Writing.

  13. Long way home or long way down?
    I have a title! And an ending. And that's about it...

  14. What a lovely thought that one of my piccies has inspired a story. Of course my climb up to Hollow Mountain and the climb back down had me thinking pretty much the same thing (only a bit more of a personal version of the question).
    I am still working on my WIP, close to finishing draft 2.5. I am distracting myself too!


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