Thursday, April 3, 2014

C is for Cushing, Will

My theme for A- Z is the year my book takes place: 1881. I'll be posting about people, places, and random facts about the year as it relates - however distantly - to my book.

Today I'll introduce you to Will Cushing, Alanna's lover and partner in crime in West of Paradise. Here's the scene where we first meet Will...

Will Cushing was playing cards and losing badly when he got word, and he knew at that moment his luck had changed. To prove the point he bluffed his way through the hand and won the pile. It wasn’t much but to Will it was an omen of good fortune. God knew he needed it.
Until two years ago, he’d considered himself pretty lucky. He’d managed to keep ahead of the long arm of the law and was in possession of what he considered a small fortune. With careful planning, and Alanna’s help, he figured the two of them could live a decent life somewhere south of the border. But then he’d woken up one morning to find her gone along with every cent they’d stolen.

Sam Elliott - as Will Cushing. Just put a hat on him and make him a little less grey.

I actually became quite fond of Will, much to my surprise. Then again, I've always rather fancied Sam Elliott ;)



  1. Can't trust those Wild West women outlaws...

  2. At first I felt sorry for Will until I remembered Alanna was just stealing the money the two of them already stole from others. The relationship between these two is sure to be fun to read. :)

  3. Just won your book from Dianne's site and it arrived today - yahoo! Looks like a really fun read. Congrats! (p.s. love the author bio, about picking a title with your sister in bed...I have never been so original :)

  4. Oh I like a brooding thinking guy!

  5. Sorry. That does not look like the Will Cushing in my head.

    Will was one of my favorite characters in the book. He is more complex than he appeared at first!

  6. If Sam Elliot plays Will Cushing in the movie, my mother will drag me there (he's a favorite of hers).

  7. Sam Elliot works for me!!

  8. I concur. That's great casting.

  9. Why do women always fall for the guys with graying, long hair? I kid, I kid...

  10. Hello! Fellow A to Z participant here
    - just wanted to say hello. I like your theme - hope you are enjoying the process as much as I am.

    Blog on!



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