Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gone visiting

Today I am off visiting Julie Musil. Come by if you get a chance. Meanwhile, how would you like to live here for the summer?

Here's a close up of the place - The Cuckholds. Click on the pic to read more about it, and how you could stay there - assuming you could afford it; a two might stay (the minimum) is $700. Pricey perhaps, but it sounds like it might be worth it...


  1. Already visited Julie.
    I think a stay there would be cool.

  2. Just been over to Julz.....

  3. Pretty but...what if you needed groceries? What if you ran out of milk? Would you have to charter a boat back to the mainland to get it?

  4. Oh my goodness! Clear out in the middle of nowhere? I LOVE it. I totally need to take a writing retreat out there.

  5. The Cuckholds? That's strange. I wonder how someone chose that name.


  6. I wouldn't mind living there.

  7. Pretty. But $700? I think I heard they were offering rides on a blimp nearby and the tickets were in the same range. For an hour flight.

  8. Hmmm. That would be lovely, enforced relaxation.

  9. Went and loved your post but couldn't seem to comment at the time. I think first pages with character and dilemma right up front drawing us in are good. :)

  10. The picture looks lovely - but what if there's a storm and the tide rises? What if there's a hurricane?! What if there's a serial killer on the island?!! No, I'll stay on the mainland, thank you. ;)

  11. That is a totally cool looking place to stay. (As long as the weather cooperated.) However, putting the outrageous cost of staying there aside, I don't think I could ever convince my hubby that staying at a place called "cuckold" would be a good idea... HA!

  12. What a gorgeous, idyllic place to stay! The price is a bit steep, though, but it might be worth it for a special occasion or something like that.

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