Friday, December 12, 2014

Eight Terrible Titles

I got tagged by LD Masterson in a game called Eight Terrible Titles. Here's how it works. Scroll through your manuscript at random, letting your cursor wander over the pages. Stop. Select the phrase it lands on and–BAM! You’ve got yourself one terrifically terrible title! Repeat this 7 more times. Let the good times roll. Tag eight others (or whoever you want!).

This is from what I'm working on now, RUN (working title):

1. “I’m going to kill you!”
2. She tipped her head at him and gave him a blue glare.
3. Everything was as expected: the canned spaghetti decorating the kitchen, the television on its back, lamp broken, and a new hole by the bathroom door.
4. Take Loki and go with Mrs. Stockwell. Use the old Greendale Bridge. Go now.
5. “Um, would you mind turning your back so I can change…?”
6. It was thick and misty but she could see Seth more clearly than she had last night.
7. The wind woke him later, and a strange muffled clicking sound that he soon realized were his teeth chattering.
8. What if it was someone he knew…?

 Hmm...just from this I'm thinking I use way too many long sentences...

Thanks LD :) I'm tagging the following people who may accept or decline the tag as they wish:


  1. Some of them would work as a logline.

  2. Sounds like a fun exercise. Have a great weekend!

  3. How fun! But, you're right they're terrible.

  4. Fun! But some aren't too bad. Have a great weekend!

  5. That was fun. Number three made me laugh.

    Happy Weekend :-)

  6. Those are fun quotes! I don't think your sentences are too long. But perhaps the fake titles would be better with just phrases. RUN sounds cool! Keep writing! :)

  7. This is proof that we should never use a sentence (unless it's a very short one) as a book title. Even mid-length sentences are just too darn long. Now RUN sounds like a *great* title. Love it!

    Thanks for the tag. I will incorporate this into my next post. I think that will be BOTB, but I guess that will be okay.... :)

  8. Some of those would fill the entire cover.

  9. Phrases work better.
    A Blue Glare
    Turning your Back
    A Strange Muffled Clicking, yeah?

  10. 50 foot QE is right. Some variations on those bogus titles might actually work. I mean, heck, I've seen worse titles than your #1 as is. #2 could morph to The Blue Glare; and my favorite would have to be based on #5: Turn Your Back So I Can Change.

    Thanks for tagging me, but I'm gonna have to pass. I won't be spending much time around the blogosphere for quite a while, and I don't have much of a WIP to work with right now. But I will pick out one phrase at random for you:

    Only a damned fool tries to drink coffee in a jeep.

    Yeah, I know. Bad!

  11. Smiles. And three sounds like a book I would pick up... Rueful recognition?

  12. There's such a thing as canned spaghetti?!?

  13. How about A Blue Glare and Canned Spaghetti?

  14. I missed this tag earlier. I'll give it a try the next time I need a post topic, although I am booked for all of this week ...

  15. Haha! This is great. I especially like the first one. Kind of strange for a title. Then again, it might intrigue me. But I'm weird. Oh geez, I just noticed I've been tagged in this. Mmwwhhaaaaaaaaaa....

  16. I don't know... 1 and 8 are kind of working for me. :)


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