Friday, October 16, 2015

The biggest and a small story

Finally the last of this year's pumpkin pics - or, at least the last of the pics I deem worthy to share. There were a bunch I didn't include because they didn't make 'the grade' (only B+ pumpkins and better make it into my pumpkin pics).

Outside Maine Coast Bookshop - our local bookstore
Look closely at this one...
This pumpkin looks a little tipsy.

The biggest...


And finally, a small story...

By the time this happened I had made my circuit of the town and was just before the bridge, taking the last pics before crossing and heading up the hill back home. So maybe I was a little tired. And I had to go to the bathroom. Anyway I was trying to take a picture of this pumpkin which wasn't even all that spectacular and the only reason he gets a place is because of these people.
And let me say right off that I wouldn't have taken this pic if they hadn't been standing there FOREVER. I was waiting and waiting and waiting and they kept talking and flirting and he was telling some story about how he woke up naked in bed and blah blah blah CAN YOU NOT SEE I'M TRYING TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THIS DAMN PUMPKIN HERE?!!! But no. They did not see me. They just kept talking and then this other girl joined know, to talk some more.
Mind you, I'm still waiting with my camera poised and ready and I've already taken a couple pics of them, like, hello? Hint, hint. And then what do they do? The girls get the guy to take some pictures of THEM, posing by the river with the foliage. And not just one picture. And then the girls had to look at the pictures and make sure they were okay. OMG.

And sweatpants? Dude. Really?

And all for this...

Like I said. Not the most impressive pumpkin in the patch. But I finally got the picture.

See how much fun Pumpkinfest is? And I didn't even go to the Regatta which is like standing room only. But you can read about it and see pics of it here. Seriously, if you live in New England, it might be worth the drive next year plus there's Biscay Orchards nearby and they have the best apples and these killer pumpkin donuts.

Okay. Enough said. Have an awesome weekend :)


  1. I LOVE that peacock at the top and the cow jumping over the moon. And the chickadee is adorable. So many clever, creative people working their magic on pumpkins this year. :)

    And oblivious people always draw my ire. Like the ones in the store that block all progress with their carts while they browse, and apparently do not realize that three other human beings are waiting for them to move so we can all finish our shopping!!! ahem.

    1. LG I had to laugh over your comment on carts and chatting. I said something very similar and not quite so nice to my husband after being in three different aisles clogged with gossipers and in front of what I wanted. Sheesh!

  2. I would have soooooo much fun walking those streets.
    And admire your patience. I am pretty certain I would have said something (hopefully a reasonably polite something).

  3. That's a thing now. Back in the day, if you took a pic, you had to wait for it to be developed, right. But now, girls have to see the picture RIGHT NOW and if it doesn't show them to perfection, it must be deleted. Sigh.

  4. Super fun pictures. I love 'em. Thanks for sharing.

  5. People do put a lot of effort in to some of these, don't they?

  6. the one with the bird and the eggs is so cute... some others look like they were painted by kids :)

  7. I love several of these pumpkins, but I would have conked those people on the head with my camera, I think, if they'd been so dense as to keep messing up my picture!!!

  8. There are some interesting pumpkins here. Its fun to see how other people see a pumpkin and how they turn them this way and that to make their statement. I had to laugh over the one with the teeth and all those little feet...

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  9. You have me convinced. I hope next year I remember and can convince my husband and our Maine relatives to attend this festival. It's amazing!

  10. Wow. You'd think they'd get the hint when you started taking pictures of THEM! They must have been really into that guy. But those pumpkins are amazing. I can't imagine the work that goes into carving those things.

  11. Some people, eh? We get that all the time at Disney World--the South Americans who pay absolutely no attention to anyone else, including the person they just cut off in the walk way and nearly made trip, or the people they're blocking by lifting their camera over their head at a show. Just them. Every other culture seems to get it.

  12. Looks like fun! I like the pumpkin face with gray hair best. Don't you hate when you're trying to photograph something and people aren't taking the hint?


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