Friday, January 1, 2010

how to write a story (part seven)


   Embrace the opportunity to go elsewhere.
   Although I was born in Massachusettes I used to live in California. We moved back east when I was 8 or so and for the longest time after I never went anywhere. In 2006 I went to Florida for the first time for a veterinary conference and stayed a few days after to visit with my mom. That summer I had the opportunity to go to San Francisco, all expenses paid, and I never had such a great time. While my mom went to her Shaklee lectures I explored the city, both by myself, and with my sister. We walked up through Haight Ashbury (where I bought the coolest corduroy jacket) and Golden Gate park. We went down to the Embarcadero and had lunch at the Market Bar (the very best salad with absolutely delicious heirloom tomatoes). I've been back twice (to visit my sister who, all too briefly, lived in Richmond, just outside of San Francisco), and was fortunate enough to go to Sanibel Island last April. I have experienced the joys of airport travel, seen the country from 30,000 feet up, and felt the hot California sun on my face. I swam in a warm sea. I saw more lizards (or lee zards in hatchspeak) than I ever had before and a wide variety of flora and fauna that grows only under a tropical sun. I'm still afraid of flying, but my desire to go and see outweighs my fear and I've come to realize that every experience I have outside my comfort zone broadens my horizons and helps me to evolve both as a writer and as a human being. Because evolution is what it's all about.

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