Friday, May 7, 2010


   Not so long ago something happened that made me rethink what I wanted and how I was going to get it. I'd been writing a while, completed 2 novels plus book one of a trilogy. I'd read all the books, taken the advice, sent out numerous query letters, and even a few manuscripts by request, all to no avail. No agent, no 3 book deal, no name in print. So it occured to me that I needed to do two things. The first was to move outside the little box I live in. The second was to find more time to write because as my son says, practice makes pretty good. But the only way to write more was to find more time and the only way to find more time was to make a sacrifice.
   Since then I started this blog, met a wonderful critique partner (thank you, Sheri!), finished the book I was working on, started a new project, and joined two on-line writing communities. But in order to do all that I had give up certain things. Television was the first to go. I pretty much quit watching except for a few favorites (Lost, Flash Forward, Fringe, and Caprica - a mere 4 hours). Then I started working a 4 day week, which meant I had to try to cram all my hours into Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday so I could have Wednesdays off. Lastly, (and this is the bad one) I quit cleaning all the time. Yep, my house is no longer neat and orderly. There's dust bunnies underneath my couch, unopened mail on my table, catalogues I really need to toss, and a host of other chores I should do. If you give me notice you're coming you probably won't notice but if you drop by unexpectedly...well, you're probably going to think I'm a bit of a slob. And I am. But I'm getting a lot of writing done.
   So, what are you willing to sacrifice?


  1. An excellent question. I think what I "need" to sacrifice is my inner critic. Then I "need" to sacrifice that sacrifice in order to bring her back. I am too often wondering who but me is interested in what I'm doing, not allowing myself to simply enjoy the experience of writing the work.

    Now you'll have me thinking more about sacrifice which is a good thing. :)


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