Friday, March 18, 2011

A - Z

But first the moon...

Now on to the A- Z Blogfest. You’ll notice the link on my sidebar so if you’re interested, there’s still time to sign up. I understand there are like, 500 bloggers taking part. Holy shite! It almost sounds daunting but if you check out Alex's post today he’s got some great tips. And if you don’t know about it click on the link to find out. It sounds like fun.

There is just one thing. In case you come looking. My first (and fourth and sixth) post of the month will be for first impressions, which Dianne and I started last month. Remember? You send us you first page and we’ll critique it for you. If you have any interest in sacrificing your first born…I mean placing your trust in us, please email me or Dianne.

Meanwhile, spring has sprung. 63 degrees here today! Most of the snow is gone, I’ve got crocuses coming up and the ducks are back.


  1. Wow, you still have snow? It was 80 here. I'd be happy to send the heat your way!

    Sacrificing the first born...that's apt, lol :)

  2. Um, I mean that in the it's-like-giving-birth-and-having-to-offer-it-up-for-approval kind of way!

  3. Just popped in to say Happy Holiday Spring Weekend.

    Last night we heard our first peeper. He was all alone and boy did he sound cute. Then tonight we hit Kmart and there were a ton out. Such a great sound for spring.

    Most of our snow is gone too. Don't know if we'll have another storm. It's happened before.

    Good luck with your blogfests.

  4. The a to z challenge this time is HUGE! And just when I wondered if blogging had run its course. Guess that showed me lol.

  5. Thanks for the mention! The Challenge is going to be a blast.

  6. Holy Stuff and Nonsense.
    *groan* I hope I can live up to the A to Z blogging challenge.

    Maybe it will galvanize my motivation to blog with a little more regularity.
    *cracking knuckles, doing deep knee bends*

  7. Speaking of first born, mine is currently available for lease, cheap!

  8. Where did you get that moon!?
    It is a painting!


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