Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the cover

I think I found the perfect covers for my book Grimoire and namesake. Of course, I realize I may not have a whole lot to say about the cover, but I can dream can’t I? I can find pretty pictures and imagine. Anyway, I found my pretty pictures at You may have heard of it. It’s a pretty cool site.

Meanwhile, spring is coming and I know this because lots of birds have come back, among them, the red-winged blackbird. My son is kind of a bird nut and he says they come back early to establish territory. He calls it bird politics. At dusk we can hear the woodcock make his courting noises. Apparently these guys have quite the mating ritual.

As for what I’m working on...well, I’ve been editing Grimoire a tiny bit, cheating with a few new ideas, and occasionally getting back to namesake. In fact, as soon as I’m done here I’m heading over to check on Louis who has gone for a run.

Do you have a dream cover for your book (and if so where did you find the art?) or a particular cover that drew you in? Have you ever bought a book based on the cover?


  1. Your post made me smile. It's always like a nice bit of chocolate with my morning coffee.

    I have never found art for a book cover, but I have thought about it, pictured it in my mind. I guess the fun part will be seeing what others choose and why.

    Glad to hear your book is going so well. Have a great day!

  2. Not spring here yet, but soon enough.

  3. I do have a dream cover. It's on my blog I think... down on the right hand side. I've designed the title and have my name in the corner. Like you, it's just a dream but the picture actually inspires me in my writing.

    We're seeing more and more buds on the trees- it will soon be green here and I can't wait! We might get more snow but I am tired of the daily cold crap!!

  4. "bird politics" = awesome

    I rarely buy based on cover, but I certainly did for Hush, Hush. Yowsa!

  5. Great site for cover art!!

    If I could create my own cover, it would show a bare forearm and a clenched fist struggling to hold the power of magic. In a black background and highlighted in fire.

    Regarding the birds: We watch for the barn swallows at the end of April.

  6. I confess, the cover art draws me in first. Not sure what I'd like for the cover art on my next book. I was really pleased with the artwork my publisher designed for the first one.

  7. Can you link to the specific art you had in mind for your covers? I'd love to see them!

  8. I have ideas for a cover. It's fun to daydream about. :)
    I often pick up books because of the cover, but I read a bit before I decide to buy.

  9. I'm like Alex; it's the covers that draw me first, then the title. That's when I read the back and skim the pages.

    I love the art found here:

    I love dreamy, rich, creamy kind of art. The kind you can get lost in just by watching. :)

  10. Glad you found cover art. It's snowing here.

  11. thank you, Buffy!
    HP - I saw crocuses today :)
    Danette, I'll have to check your cover out, and Susan, same with Hush Hush.
    I like your idea Huntress; it fits.
    Alex Lydia, and Elizabeth (thanks E. for the link), I agree, covers first, then the back, then inside.
    MPax, I'm sooo glad it's NOT snowing here!

    And thank you everyone for stopping by and commenting; I like comments!

  12. I'm always buying books based on their covers. lol. I've thought a few times about the cover of my novels. I've left them in my mind so I don't get too attached to them ;)

  13. I love red-winged blackbirds! They will always mean spring to me.


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