Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday pics

watched a boat get launched from there - it was kinda cool; I'd never seen it done before

saw this boat go by while walking to the lighthouse (it was a very grey day - still is!)

as you can see it's a bit of a walk out to that lighthouse. I think by the time you get there you're closer to the other side. The jetty is made of huge blocks of granite but there are gaps between them and as you walk you can hear the water sloshing about, echoing off the stone.

and then there was this on the little beach by the Owl's head Lighthouse...


  1. Love these. The colors are so soft in them. the first is my favorite.

  2. Grey day or not, they're still great photos. I'd rather be there!

  3. Gosh that is some scary walk!! Wow! I love that pagan altar! Lovely pics, thank you! Take care


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