Friday, June 24, 2011


Today is day 3 of my vacation. I don’t have to go back to work until July 5th. The last two days I’ve been hanging with my sister and niece at the cottage they’ve rented. I haven’t seen them in two years!

We went to this lighthouse yesterday.

This morning we went to the lighthouse in Owl’s Head.

and I found this on the beach.

Now I’m home for the weekend - I’ll go back on Monday – and my son is on his own mini vaca with his gf to Monhegan Island. He’s bummed cuz it’s rainy and not quite warm considering it’s officially summer. But I don’t mind. I’ll have the house all to myself this weekend for a change. I can leave the chocolate I bought out on the counter and know it will be there in the morning. I can watch successive episodes of criminal minds and let the dog up on the couch to watch with me. I can pound keys until the wee house and turn my alarm off.

I like vacations


  1. Yay for vacations! Enjoy!!

    Your petal shot is amazing! Take care

  2. Enjoy your time off!! That cottage is adorable, btw.

  3. Sounds awesome! And what a cute cottage you're staying in! ;-)

  4. Why can't the dog be on the couch, when he's home?

  5. thank you, old kitty :)

    LG and Talei, it IS a cute little cottage, and right at the water's edge, literally.

    Carrie, and E. I am definitely enjoying.

    Happy, dog can't be on the couch when son is home because sadly, the couch is the son's bed and for some reason he doesn't want dog cooties on his bed.

  6. Dog cooties ... lolololololol. Oh my gosh, thanks for the laugh.


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