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fiat bravo albarth
In the phonetic alphabet, Bravo represents the letter B. Fiat made The Fiat Bravo and Fiat Brava, small family cars produced from 1995 to 2001. Bravo could also refer to:

a specialty arts channel in Canada, a Belgian comics magazine, a German television programme, an American cable television network, a Russian pop-rock band, an airline based in Madrid,a design of military submarines built in the then-Soviet Union, a fungicide, or a petty Italian lord during the 16th and 17th centuries.

But the most interesting Bravo I found was Charles Bravo, (1845-1876), a British lawyer fatally poisoned with antimony. According to Wikipedia, "The case is still sensational, notorious and unresolved. It was also known as The Charles Bravo Murder and the Murder at the Priory, as the crime was committed within an elite Victorian household at The Priory, a landmark house in Balham, London. The reportage eclipsed even government and international news at the time, and among those attending the victim was Royal Physician Sir William Gull. The victim took three days to die.

Two inquests were held and the details were considered to be so scandalous that women and children were banned from the room while Florence [Charles' wife] Bravo testified. The first returned an open verdict, which meant that the jury confirmed the death as suspicious but was unable to reach any other verdict. The second inquest returned a verdict of wilful murder, but nobody was ever arrested or charged. The Bravo household broke up after the trial ended and the twice widowed Florence moved away, dying of alcohol poisoning two years later."


  1. The historical reference sounds like a good book. Hm. *composing furiously*

  2. Wow, that's a mystery and a half! Definitely needs to be written as a conspiracy novel.

    Jamie Gibbs
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  3. Ooh, I like how you highlighted a word. Nice, Marcy.

  4. Wow! You found out a lot of interesting things for this word. Thanks.

  5. Oh I love this Bravo murder!! What a scandal! Yay for a fab B word!! Take care

    1. hmm, the Fiat looks a lot like what they are now calling the cinquecento!

      Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I'm a new follower here now!

    This was a wonderful post. I'm always a sucker for any type of murder mystery. Great A-Z theme!


  7. Those are some crazy diverse definitions! Very fun!

  8. Love all the wild possibilities of this word, from cars to bands to TV to murder. Way to cover the bases!

  9. Very cool historical reference to Bravo. And the Fiat Bravo looks like a cute car.

    Cherie Reich - Author

    Surrounded by Books Reviews

  10. Three days to die... somebody was holding a GRUDGE.

    Belgian comics, and Russian submarines. Good thing it wasn't US ones, can you imagine the confusion, "That's Charlie-Alpha-Bravo, on the Bravo..."

  11. Gorgeous post! Bravo's death so intrigued me I made a note to search Amazon for more. These British scandals make for a good read once in a while. But big applause for you for tying so much together. Great job!

  12. Who knew Bravo was so diverse? I learned a lot today.

  13. Is there a book on the Bravo murder?

  14. I relate to Florence. What does that mean? I always like the underdog and feel for the wife regardless. Ha.

    The Bravo was kind of a cool looking car. Never seen one before.

  15. I love this theme! I've heard of the Charles Bravo murder, but didn't know the bit about women & children being barred from the trial. Crazy!

  16. Me likes this theme.
    So independent. you.
    No need to look elsewhere for amusement.


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