Wednesday, September 30, 2009

while vacuuming...

I was thinking about a friend who moved and left his kitty behind with his roomate who would probably not take quite as good care of the kitty. not that kitty would be neglected, but perhaps not spoiled or paid attention to as much. and I was thinking, if kitty could talk what would he have said?

"so, kitty, tell us, would you like to move away from your home of 10 years and the fields that you know to an apartment where you probably won't be able to go out?"

and kitty would look at the person who had taken such good care of him all these years, rescued him, in fact, from abandonment, and then look at the person who would be taking care of him if he stayed. someone who would probably remember to feed him but might not always remember to clean the litter box in a timely fashion. someone who wouldn't think to give him anything but dry food (good-bye fancy feast...). someone who might not notice if he was there or not. kitty would look outside to the porch and the trees beyond, and then at his person and say,

"thanks, I think I'll stay here."

because cats hate moving (like me), even if it means saying good-bye to their favorite person.


  1. Thanks for putting words into my kitty's mouth, and for exonerating me for abandoning my best friend, The last thing I ever wanted to do was to foul up his life, especially after he had such a bad start. Now he knows his territory ... he's still a is a menace .... he now chooses to take his chances when he goes out with the foxes and coyotes. I'd rather (I think he'd rather) see him get bagged by another predator on his own turf than hit by a vehicle in some alien environment.

    you are the new blog wizard

    hope the pumpkin fest is a blast


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