Thursday, October 22, 2009

bad day at the office or mean people suck and should be killed on contact

harsh sentiments perhaps but warranted at times and today was a good example.

It started off badly, with a stray cat that had an abscess. To make matters worse it was an unvaccinated cat with a bite wound of unknown origin which meant that per the rabies laws of Maine the cat had to be quarantined for 6 months. The town might've paid to get the cat well but it wasn't going to pay for a 6 month quarantine. Sadly, the cat may well have been vaccinated against rabies but there was no way for us to know because if it had an owner said person had not contacted anyone to report a missing cat. More than likely, the cat was unvaccinated because altho people are pretty good about keeping their dogs up to date they are notoriously lax in vaccinating their cats. A conversation with the ACO (animal control officer) put the cat on death row.

Later that morning another unvaccinated cat was dropped off by its owner with what appeared to be a bite wound. The doctor spoke to the owner who wasn't sure if she would take the cat home and keep it inside or euthanize it. She came in later that morning and said she had spoken to her husband and they had decided that the cat would be much too unhappy being cooped up for 6 months and they wanted her "put away," like something unpleasant you don't want to look at anymore I thought. She signed the form and the cat was euthanized. I wanted to tell her in my most sarcastic tone that I'm sure her cat appreciated her kindness and that death was always preferable to a 6 month quarantine. I mean, wouldn't you rather be electrocuted than spend 6 months in jail?

It was a female cat, calico, 2 years old.

I could not even pretend to have any sympathy for the woman. And what was worse was that her stupid little dog had gone to a rabies clinic to get vaccinated but she just couldn't manage to bring the cat, too. Curse her and all people like her who should never be allowed to own an animal ever, ever, ever!

On a happier note, our technician agreed to take stray kitty home and quarantine her so she, at least, will live. This is the second cat she has saved from death row and quarantined.

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