Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ck stands for crypt keeper

Ode to an old cat ~
once there was an old cat
who had used up all his lives
and at the very last
was found
on the side of the road
in a ditch

by some kind soul
who brought him
to us
the last chance hotel
for cats
too old to be counted

orange and ragged
hard as old bone
he ran like a
12 year old
after the dogs
to box their ears

followed us
sat at our feet
staring up
for us
to understand

but we never learned
to speak cat
never knew
the lives he led
the birds he ate
the cars he dodged
the jaws that missed

we never knew
who loved him
what bed
he slept in
what fire
warmed his back

we couldn’t see
where his fear went
what drove him
after all these years
to come
and sit
at our feet
and wait


  1. This is a gorgeous poem. And the photo.


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