Saturday, November 21, 2009

4th July 2007

So there we are, the Academy Hill crowd, too lazy to walk the rest of the way into town. We gather by the old gym, waiting for the fireworks. The kids all have sparklers, and they go running out into the field, raising them high. Almost you can’t see them, for the light is nearly gone, and the sparklers could almost be flying around the field by themselves – except for the laughter, that perfect sound that comes from kids sometimes when they’re having a really good time. And then they begin, great, deep booms and then the display:  showers of stars, circles, bursts, fizzlers, and shooters. And I think, anyone watching this from space would know there is something good here, why else go to the trouble of putting on such a display if not for the simple pleasure of enjoying it? As for the grand finale, it was spectacular.

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