Sunday, November 29, 2009


This was the first day I got him in June of 2007. As you can see he was just a little bit cute. I was even there when he was born as his mother had already birthed his brother (now called Homer) but could not get him out because he was too fat. We performed a ceasarian and that was how Jonah came came into the world. When the owner brought the two pups back for their first shots I fell in love with him. Little did I know then that the lab is ruled by his stomach and his tongue, rather than his brain and heart (like the German Shepherd). He has been to obedience classes twice and he sits very well. He likes to counter surf when my back is turned, enjoys the lint from the dryer, cat turds from the litter box or fresh from the yard if he can get them. In the past he has eaten a leash which remained in his stomach for two weeks before being vomited up on the rug in my room in the wee hours of the morning, a steel brillo pad from the sink that I never saw again, and numerous socks, all of which were eventually excreted. He eats all the vegetables, including lettuce, and the only thing I've found he won't eat is oranges. Thankfully he is very good with all the cats, even little Jackie who can be quite relentless with a wagging tail. I often wish I had a bigger house, and more room so I could have another dog because he would be thrilled to have a playmate. But for now he will have to be content with me and his feline brethren.

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