Wednesday, February 17, 2010


well, in spite of being off my game, I did manage to come up with a small tidbit of inspiration and you, dear reader, are the first to see what may be the beginning of my next best thing:

prologue ~ crow

crow black crow her crow sees girl his girl naked no feathers no fur angry fighting sick magick black magick smells bad cold night dark stars big moon man too strong want to peck his eyes out pull his hair out taste bad blood…

   “What the fuck!” Arnoux hit the empty air above his head, missing, and the girl beneath him took the opportunity to wriggle away. He reached for her ankle but that thing, that stupid bird was pecking at his head, yanking his hair out. He cursed it again but his words had no power; he’d used most of it up in the spell and before his fingers could tighten she kicked him hard in the face, sending him flying backwards. The last thing he heard was her words, her curse, biting into him, holding him until she was gone.


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