Tuesday, March 30, 2010

daily devotions

     On channel 6 every morning there is a short spot called daily devotions, which would appear to be a little get-your-day-started-right with an inspirational message. Unfortunately, it's just plain strange, and, I'm sorry to say, down right creepy. My son and I were listening to these spots - because they came on right smack in the middle of the early morning news - and were amazed that anyone would find comfort in these stories. One had something to do with dustbunnies and another, the creepiest one of all, told a story about children asking for food from their parents and getting something inedible and gross instead. 'I ask you, what kind of parent gives his child worms and maggots for breakfast?' the man asked the audience. Well, I ask you, what kind of person talks about parents giving their kids worms and maggots while pretending its eggs and bacon?

     Hey, don't get me wrong. I'm all for peace, love, and forgiveness, but the messages I saw made me stare at the tv screen with the same look on my face I had when I watched David Lynch's Erasorhead. And I have to say I don't think this sort of message belongs in the midst of the morning news. If people want to hear that sort of thing they can turn to the appropriate channel or better yet, turn off the tv and read something uplifting.

     My apologies to the reverend but I think he needs a better writer.

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