Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dreaming 101

This was a dream I had:

   I am sitting in class. I am 15 years old and this is a class on bonding. Everyone else has their dogs with them, the dogs they will bond with. The teacher is telling us what breeds tend to produce stronger bonds, what characteristics are common in certain breeds, how they may behave under various circumstances, etc. I do not have my dog. Something has happened to it.
   A student asks why cats aren’t used to bond with and the teacher will explain that while a cat may allow something akin to bonding it is not a true bonding due to the independent nature of a cat. She cites a number of failed experiments and studies gone awry due to the cats’ tendency to lose interest or become interested in something else. Dogs prove better candidates due to their pack mentality and capacity for loyalty.
   My aunt has fallen ill, catatonic in fact, after being contacted (mentally) by someone of importance.
   Some years later, once I have bonded properly with my dog which accompanies me nearly everywhere and with whom I am able to share sensory perception and certain states of mind, I have been given instructions by a young man, the son of some scion, who directs me to break into the ‘observatory’? where I will use the gadget he has given me in order to retrieve certain photos, photos that show a planet or moon with darker rings around it, a portent of something unpleasant. There are two ways into this room: one, the main entrance which involves passing through the proper channels, and two the back entrance which can only be reached via a secret passageway. I have been given a key to this back door. A key I must return.
   This place, this world is a mix of technology and magic and most people seem to have a talent for one or the other. I am not sure which category I fall into.

I try to write my dreams down, and I have a number recorded, but sometimes all I want is to go back to the dream and live that other life.

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