Friday, April 16, 2010

the gilded tongue

in honor of wonderfully obscure words today I will choose 3 random words from The Gilded Tongue and make sentences with them. Care to join me? Use your dictionary if you don't have the book :) C'mon, it's fun!

1. Faineant; n. french: an irresponsible or weak idler
2.Mentum; n. latin: chin
3.Ursiform; adj. latin: bear-shaped

She said her brother had always been a faineant, even from a boy, and only got worse as he got older.

Allen fell on his mentum as a baby when the front of his high chair gave way and he pitched forward into the floor.

I had a teacher once who was definitely ursiform.

ok your turn.

ps if you like this thank Sheri at writer's alley.

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