Saturday, April 10, 2010

side trip

   So here's what happened:
   Back in January, after I finished Almost Paradise, I decided to work on Grimoire (see the static pages and query for), a tale I'd been considering for a while and actually had maybe 10,000 words written. But in the midst of re-writing the query for it this other idea came to me. It was a sequel set in the future whose main character would be the MC (main character) of Grimoire's namesake. And I ran with it, writing 30,000 words guessed it.
   Ok. Not really a block. I wouldn't quite call it that. But I reached a point where I needed to know more about what happened with the first Arlen, how she solved the puzzle of the Voynich Manuscript, how she devised the Binding Spell, and exactly what sort of person she was so I know what the future Arlen thinks she needs to live up to. So now I'm back to Grimoire and I realize that although these two tales are very much connected I'm going to have to write Grimoire first because I can't truly know what happens in the furture until I know what happened the past. Sometimes we writers have to take these little side trips before we figure out exactly where we need to be. For me it's back to England and the wonderful Regency period where Arlen (the first) has just met her second ghost. Fun fun fun!

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