Monday, May 10, 2010

the one

in light of my mood I have changed my opening picture from something that speaks of winter - my least favorite season - to something that speaks of summer and green and (of course!) purple, my favorite color. I have just sent off a query and I have hopes she may be the one. You know, like Neo in The Matrix. Except in my case I need to find the one agent who is going to be super happy when she gets my query and I am going to be frakking ecstatic when I hear back that she can't wait to sign me on. So cross your fingers and wish me luck.


  1. I'm crossing my fingers that you get the agent of your dreams. Oh, and I love the photo. The green and purple against the white -- beautiful:) Hope you have a great day. Can't wait to hear about how your query went. I'm cheering you on!


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