Sunday, May 2, 2010

what I did on my summer vacation

ok, it isn't summer - yet, but this is the kind of vacation you buy postcards for, not the one I'll take come summer where I won't go anywhere at all. This one had a tropical locale, a warm sun, and sultry breezes. Sanibel Island. Ah. I feel so much better!

so what did I do, you ask? Well, I read 4 books: Incarceron, Horns, Ruined, and Cracked Up to Be. I read the last one first, finishing it before I boarded my flight to Fort Myer's in Detroit. It was hard to put down. Parker, the main character, came across as very real. The Clock Monkey has a great review of this book on her blog. All I'll say is it's YA and very engaging. Ruined was another YA/ghost story set in post Katrina New Orleans. I enjoyed it but the characters could've been fleshed out more. Horns was adult horror; a guy whose gf was raped and murdered wakes up one morning with horns. I had it finished before I left Sanibel and had to dig into the condo owner's supply. However, the best came last. Incarceron. I started to read Ruined when I was half way through Incarceron because I couldn't bear for the tale to be over. The characters are fully drawn and true to themselves. The plot is inventive and a perfect mix of movement and description. I could see this world. I love this book and will probably give it to my sister to read this summer because she only reads really good fantasy. And this is it.

Oh yeah, and I found a ton of shells and this woman walking about Lighthouse beach. I want to know her story.

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