Friday, June 18, 2010

music to write by

I seem to go through phases when it comes to music and writing. Sometimes I just need it to be quiet, and other times I must have music, preferably something that flows with what I'm writing - but not necessarily. For example, I was just listening to 'Mr. Hurricane' by Beast and before that it was 'Gypsy' by Suzanne Vega.  The former is an NPR song of the day (a great way to hear new music) while the latter is from a cd I have, Retrospective. It's one of my favs to listen to while writing, like Mozart's Requiem, Coldplay's Rush of Blood to the Head, Great Northern's Remind me where the Light is, and old 97s drag it up, to name a few. There's lots more music I like to write by, but those are in my current playlist.

what's in yours?


  1. I think I must be an oddball because I don't listen to music when I write. I prefer the quiet. Right now, I can hear the TV in the other room and it doesn't bother me. I'm used to working in a noisey newsroom and blocking noise out to concentrate. (Somehow, though, if a fire or accident or explosion or whatever comes over the police scanner I will hear it.) Anyway, for me, music doesn't work. Not sure why that is. When I run, I love to listen to music. But when I write, no way.

  2. I understand. I go both ways myself. Sometimes I want music, other times I need quiet.


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