Saturday, August 7, 2010

11:38 epiphany

I don’t know about anyone else but when I start writing a story I don’t always know exactly where it’s going and sometime I haven’t got a clue how my people are going to get out of the jams I plan to put them in or how they’ll solve the puzzles their lives depend upon. Regarding my current work in progress, I’ve been trying to figure out how Arlen and Adrian are going to decipher the Voynich Manuscript (an actual manuscript no one to date has been able to translate), which figures prominently in my book. On Wednesday, at 11:38am, it came to me, and I couldn’t help but admire my own cleverness. Now mind you, I am not the smartest person in the world. I never did well in science or biology, and algebra is as far as I go in math. But I do happen to possess a pretty good imagination and I’ve found that even if I don’t know how it’s all going to play out eventually it will come to me. Somehow, some way, the answer will just pop into my head, like magick. And in this case the solution is deliciously dark and bloody. I can’t wait until my characters figure it out as I have.

Don’t you just love when you discover the answer to something that has eluded you, something you absolutely have to figure out if your story is ever to be complete? Isn’t writing fun?


  1. I can absolutely relate, Marcy. And the feeling you get when the answer comes to you is incredible. I'm like you. I discover during the writing process where the story is going. Usually, I know the ending but it's a treat to find out how my characters get there. You're right, writing is so much fun! Good luck with your WIP.

  2. Driving. Seventy MPH. A solution to a scene in my MS hits me.

    Really, Inspiration can be so rude at times, interupting me like that.

    I had to pull over and write it down before I forgot.

  3. I love *LOVE* writing breakthroughs.

    Lovely blog. :)



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