Wednesday, August 25, 2010

surprise, surprise

my new favorite song

I know, it seems so unlike me, but... what can I say, it moves me...


  1. See, now I like that. ";-)

  2. yeah, but the formatting is off, running into my sidebar. I'm afraid I'm still an amateur when it comes to downloading video.

  3. First How did you fix it cause I have the same problem?

    Second Can I just go back to my twenties again? That song reminds me why I had fun as a "naughty girl" in Chi town. Crash Kings are Classic Rock!

    Oh Excuse I must go wipe my daughter's buttinsky.

  4. I chose to 'embed' but there are different settings to do so and I kept inadvertantly choosing one that was too big. Some of the codes are already the 'correct' size, like the one for Little Red Riding Hood (I'll post that another time). And yes, I like it cuz its loud and crazy and I can dance to it and the words don't matter much. Plus the singer's kinda cute.


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