Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Politics. pfft!

I don’t know about you but I don’t think I’ve ever been more disgusted with our political process than this year. The Supreme Court decision to give corporations the same rights as living people did not help my opinion (hello?) and after hearing how much money was spent by the candidates (billions) and the third party adds – many of which were utterly false – I almost think a benevolent dictatorship might be better. Of course, the trouble would be finding a benevolent dictator that wouldn’t turn into a tyrannical egomaniac. Because we all know what happens with absolute power.

Anyway, I was just thinking what it might be like if we had a process that number one, did not allow false advertising, number two limited every candidate’s campaign spending to the same dollar figure, and number three no third party ads. I know, it’ll probably never happen; there’s too much power and money tied into politics. But it was really frustrating this year trying to make a choice with all the lies and bashing and just plain meanness. I can’t help but wonder what our founding fathers would think to see how democracy has turned out.

Politics. Pfft.


  1. Yeah, but if we eliminated false advertising there wouldn't be any political commercials clogging up the airwaves. LOL Totally agree, Marcy.

  2. Advertising cap is a very, very decent idea. A level playing ground. That way, corporations can donate as much as they want, to a point. And if one side wants to use their money to spread only lies, fine, but that money is limited.

    I wonder why this idea has never gained any ground?

    It is called, capitalism.

    And guess who the anti-gov. tea-partiers voted for? Politicians who have been in government for many years, (some over 20 years!)

    My question is, how can Capitalism and Democracy even sit at the same table, never mind exist in the same country!!??


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