Sunday, November 14, 2010

this is the plan stan

So, I actually got up early this morning – 9am! – to get some writing done (yes, blogging qualifies) because I have to go help my mom out this afternoon AND take my dog for a walk AND make woopie pies AND finish chapter 48.

I swear I have never been so plagued by chapter. Then again, I’ve never had so many characters’ to keep track of in one chapter either. There’s this huge convergence, you see, a climactic moment involving nearly everyone and in trying to cram it all into a single chapter I omitted crucial details. Last night I actually made my timeline even more detailed. I took each character and described exactly what happened to each of them at what time, beginning at midnight. For example, my timeline for Darcy begins at 12:00am and tells what he did, who he was with, how exactly he got tied to the bed, and what happens after until around 3:30am and the end of the chapter.

This is how I’m getting through this chapter. But I’m pretty sure the rest will be easier. Otherwise you’re going to have to listen to more about Grimoire and I’m sure you’re almost ready for something new, like maybe namesake, my intended sequel.


  1. Oh good, so glad that blogging counts as writing! Because that's the only kind of writing I'm doing this month, never mind about NaNo, maybe next year. Good luck with your project!

  2. It sounds as if you've used some good strategies for working out your plot kinks! I'm looking forward to reading the results.

    I admit, my imagination has been running wild about Darcy getting tied to the bed, but most of it hasn't really been appropriate for YA!

  3. Remember, bird by bird. You will get there one step at a time. Of that I'm confident of.

  4. Good luck with your chapter! And thanks for your condolences:)


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