Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

I admit, it doesn’t mean what it used to. It isn’t as special as when I was a kid. Without faith, it’s just another holiday, like thanksgiving. Nevertheless, I do believe in the spirit of Christmas: peace and goodwill to all. If we could all practice that everyday I might have a little more faith.

Meanwhile, I had to completely re-do my tree yesterday. My dog's tail collided with said with it and I ended up having to cut the thing down to ensure stability, re-string the lights, re-hang the ornaments – minus the broken ones – AND clean up the mess. But I have to tell you, the tree actually looks better. It was too tall before. My house is small and it didn’t look right. Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be spending the day at home with my son. Brother J may join us. I’ll be cooking scallops - sauteing actually - and there's a nice recipy for sweet potato salad in my Moosewood cookbook I'm going to make, maybe some rice, too. And I’m thinking we could watch our netflix movie, Pandorum, with the lava cakes and coffee Hagen Daz I got for dessert.

What are you doing for the holiday?

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