Monday, December 27, 2010

A few of my favorite words

Bloody – which I got from reading too many historical romance novels. It was a way for the hero in the story to sound tough without using any swear words. Which is kind of funny when I think about how much sex went on…

Dodgy – I heard this word in a song recently on someone’s blog and it made me laugh. It’s akin to a word we use in my house to describe some of my cats who are a bit untrustworthy and socially maladjusted. We call those cats sketchy, or sketchballs.

Git – Ron used this word a few times in HP, referring to Malfoy, I think.

Fancy – This is one of my favorites when referring to a member of the opposite sex. For example, I definitely fancy George Clooney over Brad Pitt.

Piker – My son brought this one home and it seems to refer to some lazy-ass git.

Shite – My sister was married to a Scotsman for a time and she introduced to me this word which I often use instead of the Americanized shit, which, frankly, just sounds rude.

Snog or Snogging – Once again, thanks to HP I now think of kissing as snogging.

Wanker – Another lovely word courtesy of my former Scottish brother-in-law, as in, he’s a right wanker isn’t he? Not complimentary.

All these lovely words almost make me wish for a re-unification!

Meanwhile, we’ve had snow flying since last night and I am absolutely ecstatic to be home and not having to go anywhere.


  1. Haha, my hubs is British and he uses all of those in everyday speak. It's lovely to listen to! :)

  2. I love every word up there. And to use one of my favs in a sentence: 'You're a wanker number nine!' And if you don't know what movie that's from, it's Imagine Me and You, an awesome movie even without the use of the word wanker!

  3. "Noodle"
    The word cracks me up. Only my subconscious knows why.

    How much snow have you gotten?

    The pictures of the Blizzard of Twenty Ten are amazin'

  4. I love those words and use several of them daily. My favorite swear phrase is 'bloody h***' and has been for years and years :)

    We got over 8inches in our back yard. I'm glad you don't have to go out!

  5. The words are so very British. My personal favourite English insult is Pillock. (Pikey - is an anti-Romany insult.)

  6. Marisa, how lucky you are to be married to a Brit; the accent alone is to die for :)

    A. Grey; love that sentence, in fact, I'm going to remember it for later use;)

    Huntress, noodle is a funny word and we got about 8inches, lots of drifting, sunny today but bitter cold.

    Wordscrafter, I was sooo happy not to have to go out; it was hard enough just taking my dog out to pee and poo!

    Elaine, I forgot about pillock!

    Alex, most of my cats are, admittedly, a bit dodgy, but I work in a veterinary hospital and we have some surprisingly non-dodgy cats who come to see us! Ron is one of my favorites and there's one staying with us now whose name is, yup, Alex. He's a handsome Maine Coon cat I would adopt in a second if he was available; he's that nice.

  7. How about Moral Turpitude! It has quite a ring I heard it on a Canadian costume drama and when i said it the cat came running thinking I was calling her for treats ;O)


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